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Here at Cliq Creative our goal is to help you create and capture the most meaningful and momentous occasions of your life. You see, we get our fix by pushing creative boundaries and making you happier than you could have imagined. After all, in a business like photography, the more that you smile, the better of a job we’re doing.

And we aren’t talking about fake smiles. We don’t believe in those here.  (In fact, we feverishly oppose them). We’re talking about genuine, cheekbones out, pearly-whites-on-display smiles – and lots of ‘em!

We’re sure you’ve heard the same Emerson quote a million times: “Life is about the journey, not the destination”. Well we don’t care if it’s a cliché, we like it and live by it. When you work with Cliq, not only will you love the photographs we take for you, we’ll make sure you have the time of your life having them taken. We know the smiles we make together on the day of your event will return to your face for years to come every time you look through your photo album!

With over ten years experience in the Toronto bar mitzvah photography industry, Cliq Creative has photographed hundreds of Bar and Bat Mitzvahs – we’ve done it all. We bring our winning combination of professionalism and personality to every Bar and Mitzvah we work, making sure our photographs AND photographers will impress you equally. 

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At age fourteen, a young, bright-eyed Matt Feinstein works his first job as a photographer. He wears his finest dress clothes, works the crowd a bit, and even takes a couple admirable pictures. From there I was hooked.

It has only been a decade since that magical night, and little did I know that the exhilaration I felt somewhere inside me was only a small inkling of what was to come.

I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to tell so many fantastic stories through my lens. Getting to be a part of people’s most important moments is a privilege I take very seriously, and I put all of my enthusiasm and creativity into making that moment perfect.

Oh, did I mention that I love the outdoors? Chances are, if I’m not having a great time photographing an event or family, I am probably in a tent up north, backpacking abroad, or staring up at the stars … with my camera of course. 


I have always been passionate about watching the world around me. As a young boy growing up in the Philippines, I tried to take in all of my surroundings: the sights, the smells, and everything else the country had to offer. When I eventually moved to Toronto, after seeing dozens of countries in between, I was still an observer.

I began drawing, trying to pull these images of the world from my mind onto the page. Before long, I felt constrained by pens and pencils and moved to the digital. Design opened up an entire universe of possibilities for me that I continue to navigate through today. 

My love of photography developed just as quickly. I became a photography flâneur, hunting the city for the perfect shot, Now, I couldn’t be happier, combining these two great passions of mine every single day.

 Whether it is creating a design that brings a brand to life or capturing that special moment,

I bring energy and imagination to every task I embark on