When will I get my photos?

We like to send a sneak peek to you within a few days of your event. The rest of the photos take approximately 4-6 weeks to process. If you would like your photos sooner, we have an express service at an additional fee.

How many photos will we get from a full Mitzvah Party?

You will receive between 500-1100 edited high-resolution photos from your event. Every event is special and unique; the number of final images varies depending on the specifics of your celebration.

Do you edit all the photos?

Yes, every photo we deliver to you has been edited for perfect colour and crop.

Do you include Black and White photos?

Around 10% of our photos are delivered in Black and White. Any photo you received in colour can easily be converted to Black and White.

Do you do major re-touching to your photos?

We can do major retouching to your photos (Removing braces, adding/removing people from portraits, slimming people out, etc.), but that is not included in the package prices. Sometimes major retouching can take over two hours per a single photo so we quote these services on a project to project basis.

What type of camera equipment do you use?

We use Canon 5d MK IV cameras with a variety of professional lenses. We also always carry back up camera equipment because you can never be too safe.

Are our digital files watermarked?

No, we believe that your moments belong to you.

Can we print our own photos?

All of our packages come with high-resolution photos that can be printed at your local print shop. We also do offer a variety of professional print options at competitive prices for you to choose from.

How far will you travel?

All of our packages include a driving range within 50km of the Toronto downtown core.

Do you have insurance coverage?

Yes, we have commercial liability coverage as well as all of our equipment is insured.

How do I know my photos are going to look the same with each photographer?

All of our event photographers are premium professional photographers with fantastic personalities. We have a rigorous training process, which insures that all of our photographers shoot in the same polished CLIQ Creative style.

Can I substitute something out of a package if I don’t want it?

Our packages are not subject to any changes. We have spent a lot of time fulfilling the photographic needs of our clients and we have crafted our packages accordingly. You are more than welcome to build à la Carte package from our price list, but we promise your best bang for your buck is to get one of our packages with a beautiful fine art album.


How does the album process work?

It can get pretty daunting to pick 100 final photos out of the hundreds we give back. For that reason, when we give you back all your photos, we will also send you a rough draft of what we think a great album would be. That way, you can visualize how your photos can be laid out and make tweaks from there. Alternatively, if you’d rather pick your final selects before we start deigning the album for you, we also welcome that.

Can we meet with you to finalize our album/have an album consultation?

We have invested in very user-friendly software to make the album process easy and painless. With our online guidance, you can use this software to make notes regarding album changes from the comfort of your own home.
Even with our new software we still get a few clients that want to meet up in person to discuss the album layout. For these meetings there is a $150/hour charge and we come to your house to make the process the least overwhelming for you.

How long does it take to get my album?

The speed of the album completion depends on our clients being an active part in the album process. We want to make sure all your favourite photos and the key players at your event are best represented. That being said, you guys know your family members and guests better than we do, so we can only move as quickly as you guys make the notes for changes.
Once you have approved the album, it usually takes 4-5 weeks for the album to be produced.

How many photos should be in my album?


Can I add additional spreads and images to my album?

Of course! Our albums start with 15 spreads (30 pages), which we find can really tell your story beautifully for the event, but if you want extra spreads, each additional spread is $40.


How far in advance should we book you?

Our peak season tends to book up quickly and we typically get booked around 18 months in advance for busy weekends, but sometimes we have last minute availability.

How do I reserve you for my Mitzvah?

All dates are available on a first come, first serve basis. Dates will be reserved by submitting a completed contract and a deposit of $600.

If we cancel the Mitzvah will we receive our deposit back?

Our deposits are non-refundable.

If we change our event to a different date will we be able to use our deposit towards a future date?

If we are still available for your new date then we are happy to use the original deposit towards the new date.

What is a 2nd day shoot?

Our second day shoots are up to two hours long and are usually used for either a rehearsal, casual shoot, Friday night dinner, sports shoots, fashion shoots or styled shoots for décor pieces, but aren’t limited to these options.

Can we schedule our 2nd day shoots on a weekend?

We don’t book our 2nd day shoots on weekends because we are usually out capturing events. Weekday evening shoots also work well because most places are less crowded and have a more intimate feel to them. The best time to do outdoor shoots is just before sunset when the light is the most pleasing.